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"Check `Em Out" was developed by the Megan Nicole Kanka Foundation to help non-profit sports organizations in New Jersey pay for state and federal fingerprint checks on their coaches and managers.

New Jersey law allows non-profit organizations throughout the state to apply through the New Jersey State Police Bureau of Identification to have background checks done.

Because of the increasing awareness of child sexual abuse and newspaper accounts of coaches in New Jersey who were arrested for allegedly molesting children on their teams, the foundation created the "Check `Em Out" Program to help pay for fingerprint background checks through grant funding.

The foundation would like to offer 100% free funding to pay for fingerprint background checks on all of the volunteer coaches and managers that supervise children through sport and other group activities in your town.

Time is limited in order to receive funding through our program. If you currently require your non-profit organizations to have background checks done on your coaches/managers, the foundation may still pick up the cost for those volunteers that still need to be done. Please call to find out.

Funding will only be provided for those organizations that apply for fingerprint checks through both the State Police and the FBI. Partial checks will not be considered.

In the event that an individual has a conviction on either the state or federal level, the State Police Bureau of Identification will notify the head of the organization through a letter, that the individual is not recommended to coach. No personal information on the individual's conviction is given out to anyone. The individual can obtain a copy of their record if they want to contest their not being recommended to coach to the organization.

If your sport organization is located in New Jersey and you are interested in our program, please contact our Foundation at (609) 890-2201..


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