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As a nation, America is doing a horrific job of protecting, that which is most precious to us, our children.

Every year children all over our nation are assaulted, brutalized, murdered and disappear without a trace. We put their pictures on milk cartons. We put their pictures on fliers and we hope the problem will go away. The Kanka family was at least able to bury their precious child. There are hundreds of families in our nation that will not be allowed even that small dignity because their children will never be found. This is a national tragedy that transcends to people everywhere. 

There is a growing body of evidence that pedophilia sex offenders cannot be cured and their behavior cannot be controlled. Therefore, it is urgent that we take lawful steps to protect our children.

At the very least, any convicted pedophile released from prison can not be allowed to reside in neighborhoods without the knowledge of the parents and children in that neighborhood.

This simple statement is the essence of MEGAN'S LAW.

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